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Drain CleaningMost people are very busy these days, and when your drain is clogged and slowing you down, it is tempting to look for a quick fix like a container of chemicals that promises to break up the clog and get your water draining again. Unfortunately, this quick fix is often ineffective, and there are several other reasons to think twice before you try to use chemicals to solve your drain cleaning needs.

Generally speaking, chemical drain cleaners are not safe. The ingredients in these cleaners can burn your skin and irritate your respiratory system. They are not safe to have around children or pets. Some of them even contain ingredients known to be carcinogenic or poisonous. The fumes can be dangerous, and the room where they are used must be ventilated during and after use. There have actually been cases of explosions in bathrooms caused by these types of chemicals reacting with one another.

As you can imagine with any product that can cause cancer and seriously harm a person, they are not good for your house or the environment, either. After they go down your drain, they can actually damage the fixtures and pipes themselves. They can ruin the finish of bathtubs and sinks. They can even cause leaks in the pipes under your home. When these chemicals end up in the water supply or your septic system, they continue to cause damage. You are also left with a container full of chemicals that usually ends up in the landfill.

Perhaps most frustrating of all is that these cleaners are not always effective at drain cleaning anyway. The most effective drain cleaning method is calling us at Ben Franklin Plumbing – Mooresville. We have the right tools and know-how for the job. Some clogs are even caused by major problems like tree roots and simply cannot be solved on your own.